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What Is Cardio Cardio Help You Lose Weight?

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What is cardio Let us first talk about how cardio is a stage in which your heart beat increases by a few percent more than the normal, like our heart beat rate is 75 to 80 in a minute.

When it goes from 110 to 115, it means your cardio is in the stage.

What is Cardio

When we do cardio, our heart beat increases significantly. This means your heart is beating more, that is, what is the heart pumping more blood.

This is the exercise of your heart. Now this is Joe’s heart beat. How long it can last longer depends on how long that speed is above your cardio speed.

Like when you do some cardio exercises, it is slow. This fast very fast. When you start doing this exercise very fast, then you are not able to exercise for long.

Why does this happen . This is because your heart beat increases.

Along with your heart starts to breathe or your cardio, your langs also work. When your heart pumps more blood, your lungs need more oxygen.

That means the capacity of your langs is increasing. Along with the heart, your lame remains healthy as well as the brain remains healthy.

Now it comes to what relation of cardio to brain, heart and langs work.

Pumping blood and oxygen means the blood flow in the brain increases, which improves the functioning of the brain.

Benefits of Cardio

People who do regular cardio have heart langs and brain young always healthy and those who do not do cardio have less functioning than those who do cardio.

You will not know all this at the age of 20. With this aging, everyone will know how important cardio is.

If you have to stay fit always, then do regular cardio because if we have to stay fit then doing cardio is for both cardio man and woman.

How cardio can help you in weight loss

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Whenever we do cardio we burn calories. Now the question comes that from where these calories are getting burnt.

Let us tell from where this calories are being burnt which is burnt with calories and fats.

You may have also heard that doing more cardio causes muscle loss.

If it is not, there is a difference between muscle loss and fat loss. Muscles in cardio burn when we take less protein than we need and do more workouts.

But to lose fat you are not muscle loss. We have to take a diet here in which carbs are less protein.

Like when we do cardio, we lose fat and not muscle loss. We have to take more protein. Muscles will not be lost when our body has proper protein.

Now we have to reduce fat, then we have to reduce carbs because when the body does not get carbs then the body will burn fat.

What exercises do cardio

  1. Running
  2. Swimming
  3. Dancing
  4. Cycling
  5. Keeping Rock
  6. Skipping
  7. Jumping Jack
  8. Cross jack and More ..

Here I have told you some such sizes which you can do daily and stay fit.

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