four Weight Loss Mistakes Beginners Make, Know why you do not lose weight

Weight Loss Mistakes Beginners Make

Today we will talk about what those 4 mistakes are, due to which our weight and abdominal fat do not decrease even after doing everything.

So before starting, let me tell you one thing that you have to understand how the problems I am going to tell you are causing problems and what you will have to do to correct the problem.

1. Don’t diet

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The first mistake is dieting. You must have heard till the door that dieting is the best way to lose weight. But let me tell you that there is nothing like this and the truth is that dieting is the worst way to lose weight.

Disease caused by dieting

  1. Weakness
  2. Low blood pressure
  3. Weak of the immune system
  4. Getting sick early
  5. Wrinkles
  6. Weak bones

You may have to face such a problem. So do not do dieting at all because dieting reduces the supply of nutrition in your body, due to which all the systems of your body stop working in the diet, you do not lose much weight by dieting but you become weak,

Weakness happens and whatever is your problem area, ie whatever fat is in your stomach, it remains almost the same because when you are dieting, the supply of calories and nutrition from your body suddenly reduces. Now your body to handle this supply shortage

What does Metabolism reduce Metabolism means how much energy your body is consuming and how much calories it consumes. While doing any particular work, if you stop eating or reduce your food then your body will reduce the use of calories.

What will happen if your weight loss will stop and that is why the weight loss does not reduce with dieting but increase weakness and weakness and troubles, then do not diet at all. You have to reduce the number of carbohydrates from your diet and increase the amount of protein and fiber.

All you have to do is reduce carbohydrates slowly. Increase in Protein. Increase fiber and eat the right amount of fat. Some people think that eating fat makes a man fat, whereas it does not happen at all.

So understand that fat is very important for our body, but its quantity should be perfect. So eating 30 50 grams of fat a day is a normal thing and you should eat it, it is absolutely healthy, so I told you this small change or you do not do dieting, make these small changes in your diet.

2. Ignoring Diet and Exercise

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Now let’s look at the second Mistake, the second very big Mistake we do is to ignore diet and exercise. But friends, in order to lose weight, diet and exercise are the same as studies and hard work in passing the exam.

If you will not study to pass an exam and think that you will pass automatically by not having any miraculous recipe, then you can tell that it can happen sometimes.

Ignoring diet and exercise at the time of weight loss or ignoring is the same as igniting your studies while preparing for the exam or as if the exam is not passed without studying. By the way, without diet excise, it is not possible to lose weight at all.

3. Taking more stress and less sleep

how to lose weight while sleeping

Now the third mistake you make is taking more stress and taking less sleep, as much stress and less sleep, whether it is a fat loss or a weight gain, both of which cause a problem. To reduce stress and get better sleep. The two best ways to reduce stress are meditation and going to the gym.

Now you should have the practice to do meditation, you should know what to do otherwise you will not have much difference from meditation, but the gym is a completely mechanical and automatic process. If you do heavy workouts with heavyweight then your stress will be reduced automatically is.

If it works like a machine, then the stress will be less than the gym. Meditation If you have a good knowledge of how you can do meditation, then try to reduce stress.

4. Prescription dependent

He is going to tell you the most important and he is dependent on prescription. Some people become so dependent on prescriptions that they think that everything will be done only by prescription.

I quickly give you a second exam on how you make a mistake with the prescription but suppose you prepare for an exam.

Now I am working very hard to study but if I get to sleep early at night, then I come to you and say that my coffee pillow will stop your sleep.

You drink coffee at different times and you study, you pass the exam, good marks have come, now I start beating all the world in the fact that it has drunk my coffee, so by topping it in the exam, tell me is it wise?

Is this right? Drinking coffee sometimes tops the exam, man tops it by studying and working hard. Drinking coffee helps you in a small way.

The recipe is only a little help which will be your weight loss or weight gain. In both the things the recipe only helps a little, so understand the recipe as coffee in the exam. If you believe that the prescription will automatically reduce your fat overnight

This is your misunderstanding. If this had happened, there would have been so many fat people in the world that they would have melted their fat.

Now there is a big reason why prescriptions cannot melt your fat. This is a scientific mechanism of our body

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