How to Lose Belly Fat Easily || Weight Loss for Men and Woman

Weight Loss for Men and Woman

Nobody likes belly fat. Ok, six-pack doesn’t want at least. It should look like it fits in all types of clothes. Weight loss and staying healthy is a big problem in our life today.

And the fact is that this problem is increasing day by day due to the Lack of Knowledge about our nutrition.

On weight gain, we first do a search on how to reduce weight, but it seems to me that there will be very few people who first find out what is the real reason for gaining weight.

Not knowing the real cause of the disease, if we sit down to cure the disease, then it is not called the right way.

So today I will first share with you in this post what is the real reason for gaining weight.

Then after that very simple tips will be shared with you, which you do not need to do anything new to follow. It is enough to change only a little of what you have been doing for so many days.

That is why these tips are Weight Loss for Men and Woman so effective, but you will understand after practicing for a few days. So let’s start

Root Factor Weight Gain 

So first let’s see what is the main factor of weight gain?

How to lose weight overnight

A simple equation in cases of weight maintenance is CALORIES IN = CALORIES OUT. Meaning, we store calories in everything we eat every day, and all the activities that we do every day, such as walking, sitting, or azure breathing are all this.

By spending stored calories, it means for us the way the petrol in the vehicles is, so the calories will be increased if we intake more calories than necessary.

then those extra calories are stored in our body for most of the fat burn and the result is our weight. Continuously increases.

If we keep consuming fewer calories in the same way, then our weight keeps decreasing as if overweight is not good, just as underweight is also not good at all. This causes many types of diseases in the body.

Meaning if said in one word, the real game to keep the right weight maintained is CALORIES IN = CALORIES OUT. Balancing this equation but most of us think that just exercising by going to the park will reduce our weight.

which is absolutely wrong thinking because weight is 90% dependent.

Depends only 10% on what you eat daily. On top of the activities you do every day, you have two options. First, you ate a whole Cadbury and added 1000 CALORIES to your body and then spent an hour and a half jogging to spend that calorie.

Or did you have another option, you did not eat Cadbury at all, or suppose you ate a little bit which added 100 calories and then you jogged for 10 minutes, then you are your choice.

So let’s see how you can maintain this calories equation easily by following those very simple tips.

1. Eat Slowly

Smart Idea Number One Weight Loss for Men and Woman Eat Slowly, that is, eat slowly, calorie intake is the most main region which is the main region of eating more and eating more. How many times do we get to hear this dialogue in childhood?

And that is why we get used to eating fast, so after starting eating, the stomach is full. It takes a minimum of 20 minutes for this signal to reach our minds.

but most of us finish all the food on the plate in five minutes, due to which overwriting takes place, which we could not even guess at that time. Knowing that we ingest more calories

So apart from all this, there are many more benefits of slow eating.

2. Slow Eating Advantage

Easier Weight Loss for Men and Woman. When researchers conducted an experiment on Slow Eating with some women, they saw that after fast eating, they consumed 9 minutes 646 calories.

but during slow eating, the same women consumed only 579 calories in 29 minutes. This means even after eating for 20 minutes longer.

3. Batter Digestion

The third is Batter Digestion in Weight Loss for Men and Woman. Many people think that digestion starts from the stomach. But this is not the case.

rather the digestion starts from inside our mouth. At the time when we smell the aroma of food.

the aroma of food reaches our nose, from that time our brain gets some saliva secretion from the mouth.

The saliva is the first to start the process of dilation. Now during fast eating, if you are not able to keep food inside the mouth for a long time, then by chewing it properly in the throat, then it should be incomplete.

After this, for those gastric secretions inside the stomach, it is not possible to digest that food properly by eating it quickly, due to which the food can digest properly. Can not happen and many stomach disease starts appearing.

Like slow eating and five habits, there is a simple habit that just needs the practice to develop. If you are a fast eater, then for the first few days you will have to practice a little slow eating and it is right.

but within a few days, it will become your habit and then such benefits will get rid of thousands of diseases.

4. Use Smaller Plates

Talking about number three, it is Use Smaller Plates. A research report published by The Journal of the Association of Consumer Research has shown that reducing plate diameter by 30% can also reduce mood consumption by 30%, but there are two conditions.

First, you have to serve your own food and second how much you are eating, the second one will monitor or I will monitor myself, this should not be in the mind.

This is a very simple thing that by following it very easily, we can inadvertently ingest 30% less calories. There can be nothing more than easy weight reduction tips.


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