How NFL Legend Thomas Weight Loss He Dropped 50 Pounds Amazing Journey

Legend Thomas Weight Loss: Former Cleveland Brown offensive lineman Joe Thomas retired last season after an impressive Hall of Fame career. Thomas made his way to the Pro Bowl 10 times and played more than 10,000 snaps in succession.

While the NFL does not keep statistics on sacks by linemen, Thomas reportedly gave up just 30 sacks over 6,600 rushes. Thomas is perhaps the most successful offensive lineman ever.

However, Thomas was never a perfect fit to play in the lineup. In actuality, his path to his current weight of 325 pounds might be more interesting than his weight loss transformation in the off-season.

Thomas shares with Men’s Health how he put the weight on, and how he got off the excess weight.

NFL player Joe Thomas Weight Loss

Joe Thomas lose weight journey

When I first stepped foot on Campus in Wisconsin in the summer in my sophomore year I was 254 pounds. They wanted to move me onto the offensive line. The weight of 250 pounds wasn’t going to be enough.

To reach 250 during high school I’d make one piece of bread to turn the entire sandwich into peanut jelly sandwiches made of butter. I’d eat one lunch every thirty minutes in addition to one of my three meals throughout the day! After a long day, I’d sip an entire 30-35 ounce glass of milk before going to bed, along with after my final sandwich.

In college during every meal, you eat until that Thanksgiving-I’m-going-to-burst feeling. There was also this drink. It was similar to a creamer, as it resembled an enormous milk carton.

It had 980 calories of mostly fat. In December of my freshman year, I’d added 30 pounds. The weight gained was 10 pounds each year until I reached 315 pounds.

It’s just physics, as you’ve heard it before: the larger your stature, the more likely it is to get off your current position. Being larger is great in particular in the case that you’re able to grow larger at a quicker rate than you do.

The weight gain of 325lbs during the NFL helped me during the run game when I was trying to move players. When it came to passing I was much more difficult to tackle with bull through.

However, throughout my NFL time, I was constantly in difficulty maintaining weight. Many players were afraid of weigh-in day as when they were overweight they’d be fined. In my case, I was worried that I was weighing too heavy and the coach could crush me.

It was nerve-wracking since if I spent two hours without eating a meal at Thanksgiving I could tell I lost weight. That’s why I was the guy who was always at the table and cleaning everyone other’s plates.

I would have a couple of appetizers, as well as a few main dishes for myself before having dessert.

Then I would complete my wife’s and everyone else’s meal. The guests found it funny, however, it was extremely stressful. If I had gone two hours with no food I would have eaten someone’s arm. I was hungry. I probably wasn’t a pleasant person to hang out with.

You’re just eating until you feel sick at every meal. And that’s not healthy long term.


Joe Thomas Weight Loss Workout and Workout

My exercise routine was very strong, but I was experiencing heartburn constantly because of the quantity of sugar and carbohydrates I consumed. I had a tendency to drink a lot.

It is possible I suffered from sleep apnea. My wife told me that sometimes I would not breathe during the night.

Your stomach gets stretched out, and you become accustomed to eating this amount. However, you’re eating until you’re sick at every meal. This isn’t healthy in the long run.

In the final moments, I could not wait to be sure that I had finished playing and was able to lose weight and move around and shooting hoops with my friends again. I wanted to weigh that weight in high school 250lbs.

We had a wonderful dietician at the Browns. Her name is Katy. She’s fantastic. She pushed me during my final year in the NFL to download the application MyPlate and to begin keeping track of everything I ate, to learn about nutrition instead of just filling with food! Finish it!

After retiring, he decided it was the right time to get into shape.

When I retired it was a breeze to shed those initial 20-30, 40 pounds. I just lowered my calories so that I could eat like a normal person. After this, I needed to make smarter choices when eating.

When I began to track my food intake, I began to figure out my ideal ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. The app allows you to track food items and realizing that this food contains many added sugars–that was a major, massive factor for me.

My most effective strategy is low carb but flexible, with occasional fasting. Fasting for me is the main benefit of cutting out breakfast which, for me, was around 800-1,000 calories. Consuming protein and fats helps me stay fuller.

When I consume carbs, however, I’m only getting more hungry. On Christmas morning, I ate off a large stack of pancakes that my wife had made. It was probably 3,500 calories. After two hours, I was starving.

I discovered that sugars and the high-calorie food that consumed in large amounts were actually causing an amount of inflammation as well. I’d seen Tom Brady and some other people speak about the anti-inflammatory foods and about how specific food items impact your body and I’ve always believed that it was rubbish.

I believed they were witch-doctors. When I cut out carbs and then suddenly my knees began to feel better. The swelling I was walking around in on a daily basis had gone. The knee pain was been eliminated.

As a result of exercising, I’m very sensitive to my joints. I’m doing what might be described as bodybuilding exercises. I make my rep strategies generally higher.

I’m doing lots in single-joint workouts. I also found myself in love with biking and swimming. The best cardio for me is low impact since I’m a larger man.

I also enjoy yoga. It makes me feel really good. It is great for my joints, as well as my cardio. My wife is laughing. She refers to it as an exercise.

However, for me, it’s a great workout as I sweat a lot. I’m now down to 254. I’m trying to lose some weight right now. I suppose that’s the way everyone talks about it.

Joe Thomas Transformation: Before and after

Joe Thomas, who officially retired in 2011, has lost approximately 50 pounds and beautifully transformed his body.

Joe Thomas Weight Loss Before

He was not overweight, and he isn’t even skinny anymore. He is more attractive and healthier than ever.

Joe Thomas Weight Loss After


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