[2021] SZA Weight Loss: Amazing Diet, Surgery, Before & After

SZA Weight Loss: SZA Born on November 8, 1990. Solana Imani Rowe popularly referred to as SZA is an American rapper SZA is a singer, songwriter, and lyricist.

Her career began in 2011 when she was connected to TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment).

Her first music was gifted to the president of TDE Ms. Torrance “PUNCH” HENDERSON. He was a bit shocked by the nature of the music he received.

In that same time frame, she had released two EPs and started to garner interest from the public. Finally, TDE signed her as the first female artist on the label in the year 2013.

If we look at any recent pictures of SZA and we see she is stunning. However, if we look back in 2014, you’ll be able to see a drastic change in her facial appearance.

What made her transformation possible? Did the singer SZA have hired an expert makeup artist team or she had plastic surgery?

SZA Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Journey

In a 2017 interview, Sza talked about her weight loss, while also defending Kendrick Lamar’s controversial lyrics regarding stretch marks.

She stated she believes that “If you’re looking to be a supporter of women, then be supportive of all women in all shapes and sizes. I was 200 pounds and have stretch marks everywhere on my body. I was more at ease and relaxed by listening to Kendrick Lamar, who affirmed the fact that I’m beautiful”.

At the same time, she began making herself a priority and trying to improve herself to lose weight.


In one of her Instagram posts, she reveals secrets to losing weight and also mentioned three points:

  • Portion Control
  • Discipline
  • Changes in Her Lifestyle
  • Pesence

The diet she followed for weight loss was somewhat enigmatic. She wasn’t on a prescribed diet! She made her diet herself. Her weight loss diet was:

  • The sugar and wheat were also eliminated from her diet.
  • She wasn’t taking dairy products.
  • She removed red meats, mainly fish removed from her diet that are healthy.
  • The woman was eating high-vegetable and complex carbs exclusively (mostly squash, avocado, and sweet potatoes).

How did Sza Lose Weight?

How did Sza Lose Weight

Sza shares her story of weight loss and shares her secrets too. She advised her followers to begin loving and caring for your body. According to her, this is how she sheds weight:

  1. Do not ruin your energy by drinking Ewww kinds of Shakes.
  2. Don’t follow ANY Crazy diet.
  3. No Supplements.
  4. There is no need to drink Green Tea.
  5. Try to become more active.
  6. She has not been to any gym (Yet).
  7. Find what is comfortable in your own body.
  8. Drink as much water as you can.
  9. Eat whatever feels right for your body.

Sza Lose Weight Loss Before and After

SZA Weight Loss

It’s no doubt that Sza’s weight loss process was an amazing transformation. The transformation of her face and body is totally surprising to her followers. Find out the reason why her weight loss before and After is astonishing.

After Her Weight Loss

In the year 2017, Sza came out with her debut album “Ctrl” which debuted at #3 in the US Billboard200. At the time, Sza had lost a considerable amount of weight and began to look completely different.

If we look at her pictures of 2014 with those from 2015, we will see a significant change in her appearance and facial expressions.

In 2017 Sza appeared stunning in the BET Awards-2017.

Sza Lose Weight Tips

If Sza’s diet and weight loss strategy aren’t enough for you, you must keep her advice in mind prior to when you begin working towards losing weight.

  • Don’t quit too easily! Losing weight isn’t something that happens in just two or three days. It requires time and effort but it will definitely give you an excellent result.
  • Do whatever it is that your body feels comfortable doing and eat what makes you feel great.
  • Consistent discipline is the secret to success. If you’re looking to get greater results, then you need to stay consistent and disciplined with your diet.

Sza On Her Weight Loss

After losing weight, Sza comes and speaks about how it was not feasible until she was forced by critics within the entertainment industry. This led her to realize that she was not a part of the standards of beauty required of an internationally renowned artist.

She also stated that there were no external pressures that influenced her thinking, however, it was her own choice to adopt an active lifestyle and to determine her beauty.

At the end of this article, we’d like to inform the reader that self-love is a vital aspect of our lives at every stage. Sza’s journey to lose weight is perhaps the most glaring evidence.


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