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96 kilo Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss journey: Diet, exercise, and more

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Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss

Full Name Sara Ali Khan
Nickname Sara
Religion Muslim
Profession Actress
Date of Birth 12th August 1995
Height centimeters– 163 cm
Weight in kilograms– 50 kg, in pounds– 110 lbs
Eye Colour Brown

If you recognize Sara Ali Khan, then you must also know that she had lost a lot of her weight and she was fit with fat and is now the owner of a very attractive and beautiful look.

Now you must be questioning how this happened, how she was successful in this effort and you will get the answer in this post today.

today we will tell you about Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss journey and also will tell you how. Sara Ali Khan managed to grow from a 96 kg heavy girl to a slim girl.

sara ali khan

So let’s start. What Sara Ali Khan did to lose weight is to give time for the results. It took him a full year and a half to lose weight.

Sara Ali Khan had told in an interview that while talking to her mother, she had expressed her heart’s desire that she wants to become an actress.

In response, his mother Amrita Singh told Sara that if you want to become an actress in films, then you have to lose weight.

Since then Sara had tried to lose weight and had made herself fit after working hard for a year and a half.

If Sara had PCOD, it took her a long time and we are not telling you that you also have to give so much time. But to lose weight, you have to be ready to give time.

Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Diet

Zero Calorie Foods

This is a fact. To lose weight, Sara Ali Khan also had a lot of control over his diet and he loves Pizza. But even after this, he made the salad a part of his diet.

In this fact, he said that the first step towards losing weight was to include a salad in his diet.

The advantage of salad is that it contains very few calories and a very good amount of fiber.

Because of this, your stomach is well cleaned. You feel less hungry and help you lose weight. Needless to say.

If you also want to lose weight, then you should definitely include a salad in your meal from now onwards. Salad will keep your stomach full and calories too.

The result of this will be that you will be able to control your diet easily and will also be able to reduce weight.

Sara Ali Khan Include Protein in Diet

In order to lose weight, the food had to include protein in its diet by removing all kinds of fat. 

The benefit of protein is that it creates your body’s building blocks, makes your muscles but you lose weight.

Along with this, if you include protein in your diet, then it also makes you feel hungry and your calorie intake is reduced.

Sara Ali Khan understood these things and included more and more healthy proteins in his diet and these healthy proteins became a helpful way for him in his fat burning process.

This means that if you want to lose weight like Sarah Ali Khan and want to be fit with fat, then you must also include protein in your diet.

To include protein in the diet, you can eat chicken, eat fish, eat eggs and eat tofu, this will fulfill your protein needs and will also reduce your weight rapidly.

Sara Ali Khan weight loss exercise

How to Lose 2 Pounds a Week

To reduce weight and get fit, Sara Ali Khan did a lot of workouts and she used to go to the gym every day.

but according to her, the biggest contribution to her weight loss was given by her workout. She was running.

Sara Ali Khan says that she used to run a lot on the treadmill every day and used to run as fast as she could.

In addition, she used to spend a lot of time playing tennis. Tennis is also a good workout in itself, which can help keep you fit along with the fun.

Like Sarah, you should first befriend the treadmill for weight loss.

You can also run on the track if you want, but the advantage of the treadmill is that you can run indoors and do it at the time of your choice.

Another advantage is that the running you do on the treadmill is a small width running that burns 5 to 10 percent more calories than a flat surface.

You get this difference of 10 percent on equal effort. Also, you can run fast on the treadmill and can manage your running speed yourself which is not possible on the track.

then you must also do a little running for weight loss and fit body and if possible So it should be done on the treadmill itself.

With this, you can make a sport like a beach tennis a part of your life.

Because of this, you will also help in weight loss like Sara Ali Khan and you will be able to lose weight.


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