Ree Drummond Weight Loss 38-Pound Amazing Journey: Diet, Exercises

Ree Drummond Weight Loss: A few people have asked me lately how I lost weight in the last few months. So I decided to write a post. This is not a self-celebration, as it’s still very new, and I’m still working at it, but rather as inspiration. I am a 52-year old food lover and avoider of exercise and want to share what has worked for me.

First, let me say this: Everything I have written worked for me. If it inspires or helps you, that’s great. Please don’t consider it gospel. Always consult your doctor before you do anything. You are the best person to know your body and you!

Second, I have not set my primary goal to be skinny. Although I had gained a lot of weight over the last three years, and I wanted to lose some for Alex’s May wedding, my primary motivation was to feel more energetic and better.

Before I took the plunge and decided to leap in January, I felt tired, depressed, and desperate. (I will write more about my rock bottom someday; it’s quite an exciting story) I knew that I shouldn’t feel this way. Even though I am an eighties child, it does not always bristle when someone says something encouraging like “You look thinner!” or “You’ve lost weight!” I think about how much I feel better every day, and I am grateful for the fact that I have made it this far.

Ree Drummond Weight Loss Journey

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Ree Drummond (also known as The Pioneer Woman) has experienced a dramatic weight loss in the last six months. She lost a staggering 43 pounds between January, and now she is a celebrity.

The star claims that it wasn’t a trendy diet or an expensive exercise regimen that helped her lose weight. Drummond shares her ten essential habits to losing weight and keeping it off.

Ree Drummond says this exact diet helped her lose 30 pounds.

Here’s what I didn’t do to lose weight. While I don’t criticize any of these methods, I am listing the ones I did not use because they are commonly used.

Keto was not something I tried. It has never worked for me after I lost 10-15 pounds. It made me hate avocados, which I loved.

Intermittent Fasting was not something I tried. It was something I tried before and caused me to overeat during my meal window. This didn’t work because calories are essential.

I didn’t buy exceptional diet food. I wanted to eat real food. This meant the food that I eat at home and the food that I prepare for my family. Although packaged foods can be delicious in some cases, I knew that it was not suitable for me.

I didn’t use a trainer. (Unless you include Ladd!) Continue reading for more information.

I didn’t join any weight loss program. Some friends have used Weight Watchers, Noom, and other programs with excellent results.

They are worth checking out! I’m honest with myself, my past, and I know that I don’t have the skills to log, check-in, or do programs. As a rule, I avoid meetings.

She also added strength training to her daily routine

Drummond gave Drummond a shout-out in 2019 for her rowing machine, but she has been enjoying taking walks around her ranch lately. It’s been a fun form of exercise, thanks to her dogs and a great podcast.

The TikTok video shows the celebrity chef stating that she began lifting weights, which is a crucial exercise for losing fat and strengthening her entire body.

There are many benefits to lifting weights. It builds muscle, which helps you burn more calories while at rest (i.e., Even if you aren’t exercising, lifting weights can help you burn more calories at rest. It’s also a great stress reliever, helps with posture, and protects your bones, joints, and teeth.

Ree Drummond weight loss diet

1.She weighed her food.

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Drummond tracked her daily caloric intake to ensure she was eating fewer calories than she was burning. Drummond also used a digital food scale to determine the correct portion sizes.

It made me realize how much I was eating. Drummond says she lost track of calories and had completely lost sight of how much she was eating.

She says she now weighs each meal differently because she is better able to see what she’s doing.

2. I ate fewer calories.

“Calories in, calories out.” It’s a common saying, but I have seen the science in action over the last few months. I attempted to reach a calorie deficit every day.

This means that I used more calories than my body needed to maintain my weight. To get an idea of the weight maintenance calorie count, I used online calculators.

However, it is only a guideline. I then tried to keep that number below that on most days. To get a daily total, I counted how many calories I consumed each day using and

It was eye-opening to me to count my calories, and it was vital. It wasn’t easy to keep track of how many calories I was eating each day.

It was easy to see if it was working. I could track whether my weight was dropping over time and adjust as needed.

3. She increased her protein intake.

Drummond admits that she didn’t follow any specific diet to lose weight, but she did acknowledge that increasing her protein intake was crucial to her weight loss.

“On a typical working day, I was getting around 15% to 20% of my calories from proteins. So I flipped and changed my eating habits to get approximately 30% to 40% protein.

It worked! Drummond claims that she was able to overcome her weight loss plateau by gaining more satiety every day.

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4. I ate less sugar.

It’s a simple question, but it boils down to the eternal calorie counting question: “If my daily calorie intake is X, do I want 300 calories to go on a doughnut?” Do I want to spend 50 calories on good dark chocolate and then continue eating foods with higher nutritional content? This is how Weight Watchers works in a points system. So I chose to eat less sugar most days. It did result in a significant reduction in calories wasted.

5. I drank no alcohol.

This was multifaceted. First, alcohol is high in calories. As I began to incorporate more exercise into my day, I realized that alcohol has calories.

This was a great idea! Third, Lent fell during this period. Since alcohol is something I usually give up, it gave me extra motivation. Bottom line: I did not drink alcohol for more than four months.

Exercises to lose weight in ree Drummond

It wasn’t all about losing calories, but it was about moving more and feeling better. I made exercise a part of my daily routine, whether I was walking with the dogs or using the rowing machine (which is located in our living room).

It was essential to making time for exercise each day because, like having a baby, there is never a bad time.

I had become so used to avoiding working out due to my travel or work schedule. But over the last few months, I chose to either be late or postpone work so that I could exercise. This was a simple mindset shift, but it was crucial!

What exercise did I do? I walked two to three miles, did rowing, or did Pilates, but not with traditional Pilates machines.

Can I have an amen? I did a floor version (Winsor Pilates, from the early 2000s). Crazy enough, I still remember the exercises. For the rower and Pilates, it was possible to do them in my house.

Usually, while Ladd and I were watching some weird movie or spy thriller, because I hate to travel, any exercise I do must be done on the ranch. I exercised six days per week, sometimes twice daily (morning walk, evening rowing machine), and sometimes once.


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