Amazing Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss Before & After

Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss

Born on twenty-first February 1994, Shon Seung-wan, better referred to as Wendy is a very well-known south singer that is korean.

She’s a part and primary vocalist associated with girl this is certainly south-Korean Red Velvet. Wendy debuted on 1, 2014, along side her team people Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy with their debut song Happiness august.

Wendy was just six years of age when she aspired to be a singer. Throughout her life, she taught herself very well to polish her goal.

She also discovered to relax and play some tools which are musical- saxophone, piano, flute, and guitar.

Apart from her voice that is melodious as well as a Vocalist for Red Velvet, Wendy normally known for her diet trip.

Meet The Gorgeous Red Velvet’s Wendy

Are you one of the ReVeluv? Yes, ReVeluv could be the lover that is formal name of Red Velvet. Who’s your favorite user? If that’s Red Velvet’s Wendy, you’re currently reading the article that is appropriate!.

Red Velvet’s Wendy who has the beginning name Son Seung-wan was the Red Velvet member just who comes from a grouped category of songs lovers. Not surprising she’s got a sound that is beautiful may be the primary vocalist of Red Velvet, right?

Apart from that, Red Velvet’s Wendy can also be blessed with great body shape. Will you be wondering to know how she got that? In this specific article, Channel-Korea will familiarizes you with the user this is certainly sweetest of Red Velvet – Wendy, and her diet ideas!

How Did Red Velvet’s Wendy Lost Her Weight?

Which does not want to have a body that is great the same as Red Velvet’s Wendy? Obviously, she performedn’t easily have that, there must be plenty of work and tenacity from her to possess most of these.

Then, exactly how performed Red Velvet’s Wendy destroyed the weight that is extra?

Before she made her debut, Wendy had been recognized for having a human body that is chubby. In tvN’s Raid the Convenience Store, she once unveiled she lost the extra weight ultimately that she had previously been fat, but.

Wendy had been as soon as even refused by Cube Entertainment because her appearance that is physical did fit with the existing standards.

This rejection, but, was her motivation that is greatest as Wendy mustered the nerve to get into shape while making her dream of getting an idol come true.

Last but not least, in 2012, she ended up being acknowledged being a trainee in SM Entertainment.

Additionally, she had to drop a few more weight for Red Velvet to her first in August 2014, but she fundamentally caused it to be. However, sadly, her body weight was volatile.

She often fluctuated with her weight, very fat that is rapidly gaining regularly slimming down, particularly when Red Velvet had their particular phase return in 2016.

This caused visitors to speculate that Wendy can’t look after her appearance this is certainly real the other people in Red Velvet who’re capable of taking care of their particular appearance.

But, fundamentally, Red Velvet’s Wendy proved to everyone that she can look after her human anatomy and destroyed 15 kg of her weight in 4 months!

Red Velvet Wendy Exercise Routine

Along with her diet, Wendy also shared the Exercise program that helped her in her losing weight journey.


Around 10 PM in the, Wendy used to leap over line 10,000 times to consume exactly what she had consumed all over the time night.

Exercise of 2 hours that follows dance rehearse is a part of her work out routine night. She also recommends aerobic as another exercise routine to any or all.

She adopted her routine really strictly and successfully transformed her human anatomy right into a really shape this is certainly good really as Wendy lost 15 kg of excess weight in just 4 months.

Red Velvet Wendy Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Therefore, what’s her diet secret to weight that is losing? In one celebration, Wendy shared her diet menu and her diet tips. For morning meal, Wendy would eat an apple and drink some lettuce liquid. For meal, she’d take in juice that is pumpkin.

She’s also attempted the lemon cleansing, just consumed half of a cup rice when you look at the, and attempted not to consume during dinner early morning.

And some resources have also said that her diet selection was just about 100 kcal, even though an girl that is person at the least 200 kcal.

She also shared her daily exercise. When you look at the, at 10:00 PM, Wendy jumps line for about 2 hours, that will be accompanied by a-dance rehearse of 2 hours evening.

She did this regularly, last but not least, she returned by herself in to a body that is good in 4 months, and successfully lost 15 kg of extra weight!

Red Velvet Wendy Before and After

Red Velvet Wendy Before and After

Before making the Red Velvet group to her first, Wendy ended up being style of a chubbier woman.

Despite having very vocal this is certainly good to allow her train and first, Cube Entertainment denied her simply because her physical appearance had not been matching their standards. She ended up being continued by her auditions and decided to lose her fat too.

In 2012, she got recruited to SM Entertainment being a trainee, where she took training for just two many years as well as lost her weight that is excess before her debut in Red Velvet Group.

Then we are able to obviously notice exactly how she has transformed her chubbier human anatomy in to a slimmer than ever body when we take a look at the pre and post picture of Wendy.

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