Post COVID-19 Symptoms || COVID-19 Long Term Effects

Post COVID-19 Symptoms

The population that has recovered has been improved. They also have to be careful. Their body is not yet ready to fight any other infection, so such precautions will have to be kept in constant.

What precautions should be taken after recovering from Covid-19?

See a term that has been newly added to the post covid syndrome. The problem is that after getting infected with the coronavirus, the patient has to follow this routine.

Slowly the immunity of the body is taken care of that virus, with the help of medicines, the patient recovers, but there are some symptoms which will last for a long time and one of them which is a very problem is weakness, the patient has muscle pain. Weakness is felt.

Covid-19 Which symptoms last longer?

Patients who have very severe COVID, have very good pneumonia or ARDS in the lungs, when those patients recover, their breath can also be short for two to three months.

There are also one to two percent of these patients who will have long-term treatment for shortness of breath for many years of respiratory disease.

Take precautions for those who are post COVID patients, take care of your food and drink.

They should not be careless that they have recovered from COVID, then their body is weak.

If that body is not in a position to fight any other infection, then they should not be careless to follow all the precautions.

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