2021[Update] Pawn Stars Chumlee weight loss Amazing Journey

Pawn Stars Chumlee weight loss: The reality star has recently revealed that he’s had a gastric sleeve that was installed to help shed weight, and also the introduction of a new diet plan and workout routine.

The viewers were shocked to learn the Pawn Stars notable Chumlee, 38, had shed weight. She took on social media to declare they are “proud” of the star.

The actor appeared noticeably slimmer in the latest episode, one viewer posted: “I can’t believe how much weight he lost, looking good my dude.”

Another person chimed in: “I’m super proud of you for how much weight you’ve lost and how healthy you look! Great job Chumlee!”

Another person added: “Not seen Pawn Stars in ages, but OMG what a change. Must have lost the weight of about two men!!”

Chumlee was motivated to shed weight after seeing his acquaintance Corey Harrison did it first in 2014, going to a strict diet and fitness regimen and diet.

The television star spoke to PEOPLE of his journey to lose more than 100 pounds “eliminating all processed foods” and then having the gastric bypass procedure.

Chumlee weight loss Journey

Chumlee weight loss photo

It was time for me to get healthy,” said he to them about his decision to start an effort to lose weight. “I started at 320 [pounds] and now I’m down to 225.”

Chumlee stated his opinion that “everything in moderation” became his mantra before he went to surgery to reduce his weight.

“It’s been a rollercoaster my whole life, I’ve been down, I’ve been up, I’ve been down and I’ve been up,” said the actor in a video posted on Facebook.

The surgeon continued to talk about the procedure that significantly reduces the size of his stomach “I already lost 38 pounds on my pre-operation diet over five or six weeks.”

The host concluded that he had a target to “200 pounds” insight after his weight grew back to 342 despite his weight reduction.

So how did Chumlee shed some weight from “PawnStars”?

Before Chumlee appeared appearing on Pawn Stars after losing a significant amount of weight his long-time co-star Corey Harrison did it first.

Through lap band surgery as well as an exercise and diet program, Corey managed to lose around 200 pounds. As Chumlee stated to People at the time, the experience led him to make a total lifestyle change that was his own.

“It was time for me to get healthy,” Chumlee stated to the media outlet. “I started at 320 [pounds] and now I’m down to 225. When I first began, I eliminated all processed foods except mustard. Now, ‘everything in moderation is my motto.”

Contrary to Corey who influenced Chumlee to become healthier, it appears that Chumlee’s strategy wasn’t surgery rather, a complete change in his eating habits. It’s worked for his health.

Although Chumlee has had a blast of success and fame due to the success of Pawn Stars and is now more healthy than ever before however, he’s still the same fun-loving person that he’s always been.

His Instagram is filled with inspirational tips for other people and, as the man said in a future interview for a podcast of The Las Vegas Review, He has never lost his sense of humor through the whole thing.


Chumlee is also revealing his slimmer waistline on social media pages, sharing inspiring quotes with his 584,000 followers.

“Be yourself even when others don’t understand,” he recently wrote in a photo of himself in the gym. He added, “Live your life be kind spread love and live for yourself.”

Pawn stars have been airing for the last decade and recently returned to screens and feature Chumlee appearing in the latest episodes.

Insiders recently discovered that there are some staged elements to the popular show which include rerunning scenes that didn’t go as planned.


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