Missy Elliott Weight Loss Amazing Journey Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Missy Elliott Weight Loss: Fans were shocked when Missy Elliott posted two photos in 2018 of her new look. Missy was able to prove that she had earned her right. She worked for four months on a strict schedule and it paid off.

Surprisingly, this was not the first time Missy had attempted to lose weight. She had previously achieved similar goals back in 2014.

Because she was one the most popular female singers, with more than 30 million albums sold, this Virginia-based singer doesn’t need any introduction. Missy Elliott, also known as Missy Elliott, is best known for her hits songs “Da Real World” and “Miss E…So Addictive”.

Her inspiring voice and artistic talents have earned her all her professional recognition. So what is her motivation for losing weight? How did she do it? Let’s find the answer.

Missy Elliott’s 30 Pounds Weight Loss Journey

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In May 2018, Elliott posted a photo of her new body to Instagram. Proudly to state it’s been four months I have only drunk water, no other juices, & I cut back on bread & Lord know that’s the hardest for me! Although her weight fluctuates, the Work It rapper looks great. In May 2018, Elliott posted a photo of her new body on Instagram.

Missy Elliott gave up her favorite foods in Diet

It is more difficult than you might think to lose weight. Those who have been to the gym may relate to Missy Elliott, an award-winning singer who had to give up some of her favorite foods.

She stayed away from all high-calorie foods for four months. The rapper ate less bread and only drank water. This was difficult as she wasn’t a regular water drinker at first, but it led to significant improvements in her appearance, including a slimmer body and clearer skin.

The majority of fitness enthusiasts know that diet alone won’t make you lose weight. Missy knew this and complemented her new menu with a rigorous workout routine. She was often at the gym.

Missy-Elliott weight loss jaurney

Elliott did not have to give up junk food yet. She said she would still eat junk food if necessary, showing her determination and dedication. The rapper has never married, but she has millions of fans who are there to support her through all her ups and downs. The Grammy-winner sends positive messages to her fans with the sole purpose of motivating them with her positive energy.

Diet Restrictions

He loved to eat breads, sugary products, and fried foods in the past. She decided to give up these indulgences for her health.

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Missy Elliott Weight Loss Workout Routine

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Why Elliott loves T25 Workouts

The T25 workout is a favorite of hip-hop artist Drake. She has been doing it for years. It saves her time. She finds it easy to do and manageable so she sticks to it.


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