What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent Fasting Help to Weight Loss ?

Intermittent Fasting

These days we are all locked in our homes and our weight is seen increasing due to active lifestyle.

In such a situation, if you want to reduce your weight, then you will have to complete your goal by staying at home.

Now, how to give your figure a perfect shape while staying at home, in this post today, we are going to tell.

you some tips that you can easily lose weight by adopting, that too without going to gym and using no weight loss equipment. By doing.

Now you can say how it is possible. But believe it is possible. With the help of the tips mentioned in today’s post, you will reduce both your weight and fat.

And if you have adopted all the tips of this post, then we can say with a claim that we will loss.

both mass and fat and also make all the relatives family members rich and we keep bringing you great tips for it constantly.

Talk about stomach and weight loss tips while at home, so it is the first one

intermittent fasting for weight loss


First Understanding the calorie calculation and the size behind it 

Understanding the calculus of calories and the size behind it. Don’t be afraid Here we will not sit teaching you math or science,

but we will explain to you very basic things which will help you in completing your weight loss goal.

First let’s talk about the way our body works, for which we would like to give an exam


Suppose you brought a lot of vegetables and ration from outside before lock down.

Some of it is in your fridge. Some will also be kept in the freezer which you have to use during emergency.

Also some stuff must be lying outside because your fridge is full.

Now tell me whenever you need a vegetable, where will you pay attention first.

First you will use the same vegetable which is outside the fridge.

After that the number of vegetables that are in the fridge will come and finally the vegetable kept in the freezer will be used because it is an emergency.

Something similar happens with our body. We eat food so that we get energy and our body divides this energy into three parts.

The first part is for instant use that goes into the lever. After the liver is filled with energy.

then the remaining part goes into our muscle mass from where we get energy.

and if the energy level of these muscles mass gets filled up, then the remaining energy goes to our fat or fat cells.

Now comparing with our examination, the food that was kept outside is the energy of the liver.

the food which was closed in the fridge was getting energy in the muscle mass and the food which was kept in the freezer for a long time is fat.

When there is a lack of energy in our liver, then we take energy from the muscle mass and when there is a deficiency.

then the body transforms the energy present in fat cells or say fat into energy.

In such a situation, if you continue to bring food everyday, then most of the time, keeping your food outside will do your work.

Sometimes a kabar may need to be kept in the fridge, but your freezer will never open and if there is something special in your freezer.

that even after filling the fridge, you can fill it with whatever you want, then your work done .

The freezer will continue to expand and expand. Did not understand that if you.

continue to eat properly throughout the day, then your liver will always be full of energy.

Also, there will be no shortage of energy in the muscles month and the special thing about these two places is that you cannot store some extra there.

Lever and muscle mass after completion as much as needed.

Fatty pushes the rest of the energy towards it and the task of these tissues is to keep spreading the deposits.

This is why the fat tissue of your body, that is, the freezer of the body keeps on increasing and you become obese.

Now if you want to reduce weight and want your fat tissue to not spread much, then we have to reverse this process.

For that, first of all we have to empty the table ie the stuff kept outside.

Then we have to do something so that the body and then the freezer in total so that our body presses fat tissue for energy and not on muscle mass and liver.

If you are thinking how it is possible, then you have to fast, because when you fast, that is, when you postpone the habbit of taking things daily.

then your body uses frozen food in fat cells for energy and By doing this for a long time.

the fat cells of your body start slowly and your weight also starts to decrease.

Intermittent Fasting plan

 Now talk about fasting or fasting, there is an easy process for this, which we call Intermittent Fasting.

With this fasting method you have to eat only twice a day and the rest of the time you have to starve completely.

fasting plan

According to this method, you have to spend 16 hours every day without eating, only then within a few days miraculous results will be in front of you.

Change You have to eat in 8 hours of the day and fast for the remaining 16 hours. Expert.

Research found that the answer is fasting for a long time, then after 12 hours your body starts consuming energy from the fat cells which.

reaches the peak in 16 hours and if you keep your freezer ie the fat stored in the body Intermittent fasting is a panacea if thawed.

Due to lack of energy, your body will automatically burn fat for its needs and your weight will continue to decrease.

Here we can ask one more question, why should we do internet fasting even during the whole day,

like we do during any time of worship or fast. If fat burning is on peak in 16 hours, then in 24 hours it will work even better. So let us also explain these to you.

Keep in mind when you reach the peak, everything comes down from there and the same will happen with the fat burning process.

After reaching the peak, the mind feels that we are in survival mode and this body then tries to save more energy and the body stops supplying energy to those organs which do not need much.

Meaning that after a short time you will feel tired. Feeling of weakness will come and you will want to rest.

The second reason is that we have to follow the fasting process continuously.

Not a day or two because then you will get results. If you remain hungry all day, then the next day you will not be hungry again for 24 hours.

Your health will deteriorate as well as all the work will stop but if you make it a lifestyle then your body.

will also start doing its work according to that process like eating healthy breakfast at 8 am every day.

Then have to eat food at four in the evening and then wait till eight in the morning the next day.

By doing this for many days, this routine of your body will fit and you will not feel tired during work and it will be easy to lose weight.

Another specialty of this fasting is that by eating twice, your liver and muscle mass also gets energy from outside.

then your body does not go into survival mode and the fat burning process proceeds at a fast pace.

Intermittent Fasting plan here you have to pay attention to some things like

  1. You will have to do intermittent fasting for a long time. Results will not be seen in a day or two.
  2. Initially, fasting for 16 hours may seem difficult, so start at 12 hours and increase slowly.
  3. Do not think of overeating the food that you have to eat twice, you have to chew it properly by taking time in the right amount.
  4. During intermittent fasting, you just have to pay attention to healthy diet, not that you will break on junk food as soon as you get the chance.

Intermittent Fasting On the one hand, you will empty your freezer by fasting and on the other hand.

by filling in high calorie food and fill your freezer again, fasting will not make any sense then friends,

if you understand this size and through Intermittent Fasting If we try to lose weight.

then we can say with a claim that if you are waiting for a great result in a few days, then try this budget.




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