5 Tips How to lose weight in winter without exercise: Diet Plans

How to lose weight in winter without exercise

Friends, winter has come and now you will be worried about your weight.

Weight increases in winter, but if you want to lose weight, enjoy winter with an open heart.

Research conducted some time ago has revealed that contrary to perceptions, cold weather helps in reducing weight.

This has been proved in research conducted at Murdoch University Medical Center.

According to research, due to low body temperature in cold, it helps to burn more calories.

According to researchers, a temperature of 19 ° C is sufficient for the correct balance of the body.

Although according to the university’s leading researcher, such a temperature is not right for the whole day, this season can help in weight loss without changing food and exercising.

We know that losing weight is not so easy. Especially when you want to reduce the fat accumulated on the stomach, it becomes even more difficult.

Thousands of people all over the world have problems with the fat on their stomach which they want to reduce.

We know that to reduce the fat stored on your stomach, don’t you know that they change your lifestyle too.

Change the diet, go to the gym, start yoga, and even know what to do, but if you do not do all these in the right way, then none of these things will work One way even one thing does wonder.

So if you are also thinking about how to reduce belly fat or belly fat, then we give. Answers to all these things.

In winter, eat things that have high water content.

In winter, eat such things which have high water content. Calories are less in such food items, and they get more energy so that you can drink vegetable soup.

Also, this variety of fruits will also help in your weight loss.

Apart from this, due to the weather being perfect all day, you can also walk according to your priority.

Try to walk more and more outside than in the gym. With this, you will get energy as well as the sun will get vitamin D dose.

See if you feel like eating in cold weather. In such a high protein diet can help you lose weight.

Apart from egg cheese and milk, lentil peas, etc. can also be eaten comfortably in winter.


Non-veg can take chicken and fashions, but keep in mind that you will get the limited quantity and in such a way that it does not prove to be your weight gainer.

Now you must be thinking about what to do with the sleep in the quilt in the cold, and then much research suggests that good sleep can also reduce weight There is a better way.

It has been proved in many research that people sleeping less than 6 hours gain more weight than those who sleep for 7 to 8 hours.

That is, good cold sleep can also help you lose weight. But this does not mean that you will sleep throughout the day. Remember seven to eight hours


Apart from this, peanut nuts, etc. are eaten during the winter season, which is full of many nutrients.

The nutrition provided by them helps in fighting diseases and when your health is fine, then you will be able to prepare for weight loss properly. Here are some basic tips.

Now let’s talk about the tips to reduce belly fat in the winter, then let’s tell how you can lose weight by adding some.

things to the diet and also remove that fat layer of fat stored on the stomach.

Yes, by adding or not subtracting, all you have to do is to enjoy the fruits of winter.

The fruits that come in this season are bitumen mineral and antioxidants which are very helpful in achieving your goal.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, then for this you have to balance your diet.

However, in today’s Bhagyam Bhagya lifestyle, it becomes a bit difficult to know how to balance your diet.

To lose weight, you have to take low fat and low-calorie food, for this it is also important that you set a goal for yourself how much weight you have to lose.

Only then you can decide the limit of your calorie intake. To lose weight in a healthy way.

make a goal to lose one kilo every week, if you make more than this, then you will not only lose fat but also lose muscle.

Five Winter Fruits For Weight Loss

These five fruits of veal vegetables will reduce your weight and will quickly drive away your belly fat.

1. Orange


The first fruit is orange. Eat oranges to lose weight, Orange also contains elements like the amino acid vitamin A calcium iodine sodium phosphorus.

Along with this, consuming orange is also very beneficial in enhancing beauty.

Let us know which diseases in the body can be overcome with an orange.

Eating oranges to reduce weight can prove to be very beneficial. Along with this, overweight people should consume oranges daily.

Vitamin C can be replenished in the body by the consumption of oranges.

Along with this, orange fruit also makes the body feel fresh. Orange is a fruit that proves beneficial for the body in both the winter and summer seasons.

2. Guava


The second fruit that helps you lose weight is guava. Guards come to everyone’s house as soon as winter comes.

It is very beneficial not only in taste but also in qualities. Guava is rich in vitamin C lycopene and antioxidants.

It contains an equal amount of potassium in bananas which helps in keeping blood pressure normal.

The vitamins and minerals present in guava are helpful in protecting the body from many diseases. It also makes the immune system strong.

Guava helps in losing weight without reducing protein and fiber in your diet.

Every day guava regulates your metabolism and puts a brake on increasing weight. Since guava contains less sugar than other fruits such as banana apple orange.

3. Grapes


The third fruit is to reduce obesity. Grape saturated fat fruits relieve obesity. Grape is also one of them.

If you include grapes in your diet, you can reduce the risk of obesity. Also, stomach bacteria can also be improved by its use.

According to research, these heart diseases are also helpful in combating the negative effects of high blood pressure and a high-fat diet that cause diabetes risk.

According to research, the unique and diverse composition of antioxidants is present in poly phenyl grapes.

It improves glucose tolerance by reducing inflammation in the body and fat in the intestine and skin.

4. Chickoo


The fourth fruit that you can take to lose weight is Chiku Chiku paper deposits are effective in burning extra fat. It keeps your digestive system correct.

The fibers present in Chickoo make your stomach feel full for a long time and you avoid eating too many calories.

5. Dried Figs

Dried Figs

You can also eat figs to lose weight. Fig called apex in English. Figs contain fibers that can be said to be the key to losing weight.

Actually, fiber is beneficial for your body in many ways. Figs take time to digest so your stomach stays full for a long time.

At the same time, it improves the digestive system and also improves metabolism.

So, friends, all these things work together to reduce your weight.

If you also want to lose weight or keep balance in these winters, then consume these fruits as per your choice and at the same time, you will enjoy enjoying hot food during winter.


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