How to Lose Weight Drinking Water How Much Water Would I Drink to Lose Weight?

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water – For thousands of years, in Ayurveda, we have also been told about the benefits of water to our body and it has also been told that water is used to get rid of many harmful diseases of the body.

such as obesity and to remove the accumulated dirt in the body. How to drink it, we should tell everyone that at least three liters of water should be drunk in a day.

But still, we miss drinking water and due to this not only our weight increases but also the brightness of the face also decreases. Also, we still have many diseases today. But don’t worry.

In this post today, we are going to tell you about some of the tips of drinking water in Ayurveda, with the help of which you will lose many kilos of weight by drinking only water in a few days, then stay with us till the end.

Increased weight can cause us many problems due to the lost stomach, such as high blood pressure.

high cholesterol, high blood sugar, burning sensation and swelling in the body, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, damage to the kidney, and many other diseases.

That is why to avoid all these diseases, we do not need to go to the gym for a three to four-hour workout, just need it, just to reduce the extra weight and stomach for which drinking water properly is enough and the first step for this is

1. Drink Water After Waking Up

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water – Getting up every morning and drinking water first. All you have to do is wake up every morning and drink one to two glasses of water without brushing.

If you want, you can also drink lukewarm water and if you want, normal water is the only condition that you have to drink this water before brushing.

This will give many benefits to the body such as harmful substances present in your body will come out and the body will be clean from inside. Secondly.

your body’s tea will go at the Apache rate and there will be good digestion of food throughout the day. Also, the fat stored in your stomach will start melting quickly.

2. Drink Water After Brushing Teeth

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water – According to Ayurveda, water is the second step for weight loss. After a while of brushing in the morning, drink a glass of water, and start eating something after 20 minutes.

You must have seen that many people start eating food immediately after brushing, but according to our ancestors this is wrong, so always drink water only after brushing.

3. Drink Water 45 Min Before and 2 Hours after Meal

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water – Another thing we have been taught in Ayurveda is that water should be drunk 45 minutes before a meal and two hours after a meal. Also, we should never drink water in between while eating.

So if you sit with a bottle of water while eating, then please leave this habit. By doing this, the digestion of food is done well and extra fat is not stored in the body.

4. Do Not Drink Water While Standing

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water – The fourth thing we get to learn from Ayurveda to reduce weight and lose fat by drinking water is that never drink water while standing and sit in a place with a glass of water and drink water only after sitting.

It happens that when we stand and drink water, water rapidly passes through the kidneys without much strain due to which the bladder or blood can collect dirt and for this reason, some people have bladder kidney and heart diseases. Occur.

5. Sip Water Slowly

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water – The fifth step is to never take water back together and be choked with ease.

There are many of us who come from outside and open the fridge and stand there, for 30 seconds, the whole bottle of water is pumped.

Then it is said that there is a slight pain in the stomach, our friends, if you consume water in the wrong way, it will not happen.

In Ayurveda, we have been taught that we should always drink water from the glass and we should drink a glass of water, not a suburb, rather than a suburb because drinking it quickly and excessively is very bad on the digestive system. It does impact.

Some tips to lose weight by drinking water through Exports Research

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water – Apart from these five steps mentioned in Ayurveda, if we share some tips for weight loss by drinking water through Exports Research

1. Choose the Water Drinking Target

So first of all, choose the goal of drinking water for yourself. Yes, you may feel a little strange but if you want to lose weight by drinking the right amount of water, then you have to choose the goal and it is very important to track it.

For example, if you choose your goal that I have to drink three liters of water daily – then you will keep thinking from time to time that I have to drink so much water to lose weight and you will be able to achieve your goal.

2. Always Carry Water Bottle

The second tips are always. Keep with you if you have gone out or have been sitting to do any work which may take time, then definitely keep a water bottle with you.

Many times it happens that we feel thirsty for water but due to lack of water together.

we get a bit lazy and we are not able to erase water-thirsty because now it is difficult to get water everywhere and also Not everyone is even able to buy a water bottle of 20 to 30 rupees.

3. Keep Water With You At Night

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water – Third tip: Keep water with you at night. You should keep water near your bed while sleeping at night so that if you sleep at night or you can drink water.

We will not have any person who sleeps at night. If you do not feel like drinking water outside, but the kitchen goes away,

then many of us go to sleep by avoiding drinking water and we cannot even adopt the habit of drinking water in the morning.

That is why if you keep water with you at night, then you will wake up in the morning and drink water from memory.

Now it is not like that you have to drink two and a half to three liters of plain water every day.

You can drink lemonade honey or whatever you like and mix it with water. Because of this, you will be able to meet your water needs well.

Now one last time to meet your drinking water target

If you are not thirsty, then forcibly drink water. We are saying this because we know that there may be some people who will drink one liter of water throughout.

the day and in the evening trying to meet the target of drinking water will drink one to two liters of water in an hour, that is the wrong way. 

That is why it is good that you take care of your need to drink water and keep drinking a little water in half an hour.

So friends, follow these methods of staying healthy and weight loss by drinking water in Ayurveda.

We can say with a claim that within a few days you will see a difference.


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