Most Effective 5 Tips to Best Ways to Lose Weight

Best Ways to Lose Weight

Today we will talk about how to reduce obesity. Is your weight increasing constantly but you feel lazy going to the gym and exercising. If so.

then we tell you those 5 easy ways that will reduce your weight without exercising without going to the gym.

1. Sitting Low in Front of The TV

It is an established truth that people who watch more TV eat more. With the help of electronic locks in research.

TV viewing of people participating in research was reduced by 50% and as a result, they reduced 119 calories per day and ultimately they lost weight.

2. Smell The Food

This suggestion may sound strange but an accurate way to lose weight is to sniff food.

According to a study done in America, a person who smells food often feels hungry and consequently loses weight.

Similarly, research has also revealed that continuous smelling of food causes confusion in the mind that you are actually eating it.

3. Blue Color is Effective in Lose Weight

Research has revealed that blue color plays a major role in reducing hunger and that is why restaurants are not decorated with blue.

In the blue room, if the person eats about 33 percent less food than at the time of the meal.

give priority to the blue plate, blue spoon, blue table cloth, and blue clothes. Whether you eat food at home or outside.

4. Relation of Stress to Obesity

Looking at the routine of today, stress, despair, etc. also has a deep relation with obesity.

Usually, we start eating something when we are depressed or under stress and nowadays such occasions come in anyone’s life.

when we start eating without worrying about hunger then stress in life for a right weight Reduce disappointment, etc.

5. Eat on a Small Plate

Recent research has revealed that if a person uses a 10-inch plate instead of a 12-inch plate, he eats less.

Science says that food takes less on the big plate, while less food is also more on the small plate and then the person avoids taking food again and again.


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