7 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss – Lose Weight Fast

7 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss – What do we understand by diet? Less food right or Rong diet means less food Diet means the right food. Eating a wide fitness related is probably the biggest myth. In the same way, we understand that detox drink means a liquid diet which is not like this. Detox means ridding your body of all toxic elements.

We should drink detox drinks when we want to clean our bodies. We want to clean from the inside, forgetting all the other food and drink, not only drink these drinks, do not stay hungry for weight loss, nor do you need to remove your body from essential nutrients. Overnight weight loss tips are available on the internet today, but some of them are not scientifically tested and some do not help you to control your weight at all. Which are those false myths.

Myths 1 – All Calories are Equal

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss No 1 – Talk about losing weight, Myth is the first among them All Calories are Equal Fat man or woman calories raise their ears as soon as they hear these words. But the truth is that not all calories are bad for our body. We measure the power from the calories measurement of energy from the calories unit.

We get different amounts of calories from different mines and the effect is different on our body. The same applies to carbohydrates as calories from protein are different from calories from fat. To reduce our weight, we often break away from carb and fat and include more and more protein in the diet.

This does not decrease the calories from protein, but the calories from carb from fat are often missed. Metabolism Boost Loss of appetite, Frequent craving control of eating, as well as improving the function of some weight regulation hormones, all these benefits come from the calories we get from protein. Just like when we eat whole food like fruits salad, the calories available at this time keep us full for longer, but if its

Instead, we choose refined food such as candy, cakes, pastries so that increases our craving. Repeatedly feel hungry and at the same time feel like eating, so break up with bad calories and befriend good calories.

Myths 2 – Losing Weight Is a Linear Process

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss No 2 – Another myth associated with weight loss is looking at fat linear processes. Almost all of you believe that weight loss is a linear process whereas it takes time and the weight keeps on fluctuating. It is not that once you started Weight Loss Journey. Meaning you will lose weight little by little every day. If you measure your weight daily, then you will find that there are some days when your weight increases slightly instead of decreasing.

Yes and often we get upset seeing this increasing weight. But instead of getting upset, we have to understand how this is a natural process. Tell me one thing, do you eat the same amount every day. Do you do the same activity every day? Do you drink as much water as your body needs or do you not discharge yourself from routine work on a single day of the week.

So all these affect our body weight. Maybe someday you eat something that goes to the digestive system late or there is more jaundice. It is often a common fact in women because they have more hormonal changes.

Every month during their period, there are changes in the weight of women because at that time there is a big change in the amount of water in the body which is different for every woman. So it is not to be surprised to see the weight of the stool increased during the weight loss design. It is a very common fact in the transformation of the body. Believe it and move forward.

Myths 3 – Supplements Can Help You Lose Weight

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss No 2 – The third myth related to weight gain is Supplements Can Help You Lose Weight The industry of weight loss supplement and the people who run it are very vicious minded. There are hundreds of such products around us

Those who claim with 100% percent guarantee, take Supplements so many days, your weight will be reduced. But after many discoveries, it came to the forefront that most of them are of no use. This industry is misleading people and filling its own pockets.

Myths 4 – Eat Less, Move More

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss No 4 – The fourth Myths Eat Less, Move More linked to obesity as we all know that body. Means extra fat extra calories extra fat. If you remove this extra, then most extra intake will have to be left. Also, attention has to be paid to smelting that extra fat already frozen. We all know this thing.

Now to stop this extra intake, we reduce our food intake in half and adopt a more active lifestyle to burn extra calories. Now tell me, on one hand, you have reduced the amount of food, on the other hand, you have adopted an active lifestyle with more energy.

In such a situation can your health be good? At Less, Move More is correct according to Advice Theory but does not work for the long term in practice. Especially for those who are struggling with difficult diseases named Obesity.

It is absolutely true that you have to give some time in your daily life for a fitness activity, but do not be careless with your body in any circumstances by keeping your diet right. It is not necessary to stay away from nutrition and not to focus on rapid weight loss. Suddenly, your diet has a dynamic change, and fitness activity at the mental level can push your health towards diseases, so free yourself from Myths.

Myths 5 – Carbs Make Your Fat

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss No 5 – The fifth myth associated with weight loss is Carbs Make Your Fat. Yes, it is true that if we focus on more protein-rich foods than work, then the weight is lost, but this does not mean that carbs are the reason for our obesity.

According to researchers, when the epidemic named Obesity started injuring people around the world before that most people used to consume 80% of their diet for carbs and it is a matter of several thousand years.

Myths  6 – Do Not Eat Any Carbs White Losing Weight

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss No 6 – We do not have to stop carbs intake. What we need to do is include the right carbs in our daily diet such as all whole foods which contain carbohydrates as well as healthy. All types of vegetables, fruits, almond seeds, whole grains, even sweet potatoes are good carbs providers for our health.

Sugar drinks, fruit juice, white bread, pastries, cookies, cakes, french fries, potato chips, on the other hand, add to the weight of carbs. Yes, you heard the French Fries Potato Chips from Bad Carb. If you boil the potatoes and eat them in the vegetable, it gives good carbs to the body, but it is the poor potatoes that deep fry, then its nutritional value is over and then it becomes bad.

Myth 7 – Fat Makes You Fat

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Biggest Myths About Weight Loss No 7 – The seventh myth spreading among people with increasing weight is fat like fat carbs. People who are obese consider fat-rich food as their biggest enemy, but it is really important to know the difference between good fat and bad fat. Because as the body needs carbs, protein is needed.

Fat is also required in the same way fiber is required. To make all the functions of the bodywork properly, we have to include healthy fat in our daily diet, which will give us coconut milk, coconut oil, mustard oil, olive oil, peanut oil, including oil and desi ghee, and almost milk. Available in all made products.

Avoid high-calorie junk food if you want to stay away. Stay away from fried mines and buy as much of the packaged food as possible.



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