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The Best Weight Loss Food to Eat For Men and Women

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Best Weight Loss Food friendly foods on the planet

If you spend more time at home than in college or office, and in this affair you will not be able to take care of your health and Good Fitness Training Plan.

Most of us give this same excuse to us because we are out of the house all day, we are unable to take care of our food and drink. Since something is eaten outside.

Moreover, there is not much time at home to make something healthy everyday and that it can run all day, so eat only what is found there.

But if I tell you that there are not one or two but so many healthy things that you can take readymade from the market or you can take it easily at home.

These will maintain your abdomen full all through the day and also will give a variety of profit to your physique. These posts are not just for those who want to lose weight, but also for all those who want to manage weight.

Want to stay a wholesome life-style and keep away from illnesses brought on by consuming unhealthy.

First of all, make this rule that you have to eat something every two hours and whatever you want to eat is just healthy food. You have to take three big meals in a day, ie, Breakfast lunch and dinner and three small meals in between a big use.

If you think that eating 6 miles a day will increase your weight, then it is not so. If you eat healthy things and eat at regular intervals, then it will not make you hungry any more quickly and you will avoid eating junk food or snacks.

You will not eat extra calories from this and this will reduce your weight. All the big movie stars or celebrities have the same secret of their good health that they eat something every two hours, but only healthy and that is why they manage themselves so much.

These people stay out of the house all day but still take full care of their food here some Best Weight Loss Food list

Dry Fruits

First of all, it is easy to carry dry fruits with fruits and they do not spoil quickly, they also provide instant energy and do not increase weight. Eat at least 4 to 5 almonds every day. Eating soaked almonds is very good, otherwise packed like this and take away.

Eat almonds everytime you really feel hungry in the midst of the meal or wish to eat one thing with night tea.  Apart from this you can too preserve walnuts or peanuts. But keep in mind that it should be fried and without salt

dry fruits

Curd or Buttermilk

If you get yogurt or buttermilk easily from the canteen, it is very good to take it from home or else take readymade. Eat it with or after eating. They improve the style of your meals and likewise hold the digestion good.



In the name of sandwich, mouth watering comes in the same way, but you do not eat what you get readymade from the market. You may also make wholesome sandwiches out of your canteen.

Try to eat only flour bread or multigrain bread. There are lots of salad dishes like cucumber, tomato, onion, capsicum etc.

Keep in mind that do not apply ghee, butter, cheese, or mayonnaise, because sometimes it is okay, but not every day if you get green chutney with empty salad, it will become very good.

Apart from this, there is another option which can be made by making sandwiches of any lentils or healthy vegetables made in your canteen.



This can be an important choice for many who eat eggs. But keep in mind that you have to eat only boiled eggs, not omelettes, you can now take two boiled eggs with tea in between meals. Mashed boiled eggs can be eaten by making onions and chutneys and sandwiches are made.



Saild sounds boring but you can make it interesting. Cheddar tomato radish salad is an option but you can add many more things to it.

Boiled gram beans, sprouts, adding corn kernels or paneer also add to its taste. Your abdomen can also be full and well being can also be benefited. If you need it, you’ll be able to eat breakfast as an alternative of lunch.


Cottage Cheese

Paneer can be a excessive protein meals that provides immediate power to your physique. Yes it appears a bit costly however the market’s burger pizzas are additionally low-cost. But eating 48 cheese gives some benefit to your body.

Raw cheese is many instances higher than consuming tempering greens because it doesn’t include oil and spices.

You take cheese from the canteen. Cut it into small pieces and add salt and pepper and it is ready to eat. If you are hungry, you can also make sandwiches by making sauce with raw cheese.

Cottage Cheese

Healthy Salad

If you work in the office, keep only healthy snacks on or around your desk. Instead of eating biscuits salty or chips, keep some healthy options. Nowadays, many wholesome snacks have come available in the market resembling sugar free biscuits or oats biscuits.

In the identical means, many varieties of weight-reduction plan snacks are additionally obtainable. Keep roasted chickpeas which could be eaten within the center or it’s also possible to preserve roasted Makhanas that are excellent for well being.

Healthy Salad

Green Tea

Take green tea at least once a day. More than half of your sicknesses might be cured by only one behavior. For this, you solely should preserve inexperienced tea baggage with you. Take one cup of sizzling water and confuse the tea bag in it for 4 to 5 minutes and your inexperienced tea is prepared.

Green tea is many instances higher than your common tea. If you don’t just like the take a look at, it’s also possible to add lemon and honey to it.

Green Tea


Many types of seeds are also very important for our health, which we should eat everyday but we often ignore them. This is not a new thing.

People have been eating for centuries, but even with today’s generation, they said so much time that the seeds sit peeling.

Many readymade packets are available in this market which contain all kinds of seeds like basil seeds flaxseed seeds, chia seed melon seeds etc. These planes are also available and roasted. You can also keep them with you and eat one spoon everyday instead of snacks.


Coconut Water

Coconut water is like a boon for our health. If you take coconut water at least thrice a week, then your health will be good as well as it will give a glow on your skin.

While coming from college or office, there must be some coconut water on your way. Do not ignore him next time.

Coconut Water


There are some fruits such as apples that you can easily eat while traveling. Similarly, you can also keep a banana with you. Bananas do have calories but it is better than what you will rust out.

If you have time, keep some fresh chopped fruits like papaya melon melon or whatever is the fruit of the weather in your city. The more fruit you eat, the better.



Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. If you want to lose weight quickly, do not drink hot water or drink plain water. The easiest way to do this is to keep water bottles on your office desk and make a full day target that you have to finish all these bottles in 8 hours.

Whenever you have to take a break in the middle of work, keep drinking water little by little. You will not even know till evening, but you must have drunk a good amount of water.


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